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Burnin Live at WITR
1. Burnin'
2. Doin' Me Wrong
3. Hop, Skip & Jump
4. So Many Reasons
5. Dream & Get Lucky
6. That's The Way The Night Went Down
7. The Crush
8. Summertime
9. Good Grief & Gravy
10. Moment of Joy

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Blues For You
1. Dream And Get Lucky
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2. Finally Found A Woman
3. Quittin' Time
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4. 2nd Rate
5. Paid To Worry
6. That's The Way The Night Went Down
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7. Love To Death
8. I Got Blues For You
9. Your Time Is Gonna Come
10. Shelter In The Storm
11. Don't Give Up On Me
12. Moment Of Joy
13. Stay Away
14. Sarah Lee
Burnin Blues
1. Sweet, Sweet Man
2. The Crush
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3. So Many Reasons
4. Burnin'
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5. Just Give Me Some Time
6. Someone's Got It Out For Me
7. Good Grief & Gravy
8. Tuff Life
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9. Geraldine
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10. Mean Streak
11. Time For You To Pay

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